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Roofline Products


The roofline is where the walls of your house meet the roof. It’s where your gutters collect rainwater running from your roof, and channel it safely away into your drains. It’s the weakest point of the building and the area that gets the most punishment from the elements which can attack and do damage to your home.

Because access is difficult, it’s also the least observed area and the hardest to maintain. It’s not the ideal spot for a vulnerable material such as wood.

Driving rain can force itself through the slightest gap between the roof and the walls exposing your home to the elements. Left unchecked, water from blocked or broken gutters will overflow down your outside walls creating unhealthy damp and mould. If moisture gets into your roof, rafters and joists will start to rot, and damage done will require costly repairs.

Old-fashioned roofline is made of timber, but wood absorbs water leading to rot and decay. Without constant maintenance it doesn’t provide great protection.

So put the paint pot and brush away and let us replace your rotting external timbers and guttering with our range of maintenance-free roofline products – our work is guaranteed for 10 years, so you’ve got nothing to lose!